Hello, I'm Leslie Pierson, the founder and creator of GoodHangups. The idea for GoodHangups came from a simple desire to create order from chaos. My 6 year old son is creative, and making art is his passion. Like any good mom, I hated the idea of throwing his masterpieces away, but was growing frustrated with the mess they created on my refrigerator - and the damage that tape and tacks did to my walls.

Inspiration arrived. What if I could use magnets to hang his works of art on any wall in my house? I came up with the idea of removable and reusable GoodHangups MagnaStickers. We could change the pictures as often as he wanted, and I could move the MagnaStickers where I wanted without putting holes in my walls or peeling off paint. GoodHangups was born. My son now has an entire wall where he can proudly display his art and I have my fridge back for grocery and honey-do lists. (Although we sometimes use GoodHangups to post those lists right on the front door.) Even better, after extensive testing, I’ve found that GoodHangups adhere to almost any surface, even plaster and brick!

When friends starting asking me about GoodHangups for their kids’ artwork as well as posters, prints, photos, and other wall hangings, I thought “let’s do this!” and began making plans for mass production. We launched in 2015 with a very successful Kickstarter campaign. From there, GoodHangups won the Today's Next Big Thing award on NBC's Today Show in the fall of 2015. I've also presented GoodHangups on QVC several times. In September 2016, I swam with the sharks on ABC's Shark Tank to show GoodHangups to millions of viewers. 

We've partnered with the great folks at Northwest Center to provide production and fulfillment. Every purchase of GoodHangups helps Northwest Center create inclusive workplaces and contributes to their services for children and adults with disabilities. The Northwest Center team includes people with and without disabilities working side-by-side to offer world-class quality service to our customers. And GoodHangups is behind them all the way. To learn more about our heroes, visit

The more I discuss GoodHangups with others, the more I realize that this is an incredibly versatile product with a huge potential market. Renters won’t risk their security deposit since they can hang almost anything without damaging the walls. Office workers can customize their workspace. Artlovers can remix and refresh their walls in a matter of seconds. And yes, moms can set up a gallery for their kiddos in their own house.

We are crazy about GoodHangups and hope you will be too. We'd love to see what you do with them so if you get a chance, please send us a photo of your GoodHangups in action. It would really make our day!




Leslie Pierson

Founder & Creator of GoodHangups