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What are GoodHangups?

What’s the difference between GoodHangups and GoodHangups for Kids Art?

What can I hang with GoodHangups? Poster, Banners, other stuff

Are the wall stickers (magnastickers) removable & reusable? If so, how many time can I use them.

Can I reuse GoodHangups?

Can I use my own magnets with GoodHangups and just buy the Replacement MagnaStickers?

My poster or art keeps curling up and pulling the stickers off the wall. What should I do?

What should I do if the MagnaStickers won't stick to my wall? Or I'm having trouble with my artwork falling down.

What is the maximum weight GoodHangups will hold?

Can I send you some pictures of my art hung with GoodHangups?

Will they work on Brick, Concrete, Textured Walls, Painted Drywall, Wood, Ikea Furniture, etc?

Do GoodHangups meet CPSC Standards?

Aren’t Rare Earth Magnets dangerous for kids?

Where are GoodHangups made?

How do I become a Reseller, Distributor or buy at wholesale prices?

Shipping and Returns


When will my order ship?

When will my order be delivered?

Can I track my order after it ships?


What is your return policy?

How many days do I have to return my order for a refund?

Billing and Payments

Billing and Payments

What form of payments do you accept?

Who stores my credit card information?