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Forget New Years Resolutions! What do you want more of in 2017!

So the stats on New Years Resolutions are not great.  Forbes magazine reported that about 92% of people don't achieve their New Years Resolutions.... so why are we so crazy about making them?

This year I'm saying F#@%  I mean Forget New Year Resolutions and focus on what you want more of in 2017.   I can hear the naysayers telling me that it's not specific or measurable or in the vein of the KISS (keep it simple stupid) method that helps people achieve their goals.  To which I say, you are correct but I think I have a better chance of achieving even part of a list of things I want more of than a single measurable New Years why not try something different.

So what I'm proposing is not setting a goal but rather setting some intent to bring more of some things into your life.  Here's the beginning of my ongoing catch the continuation over on our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter Page.

In 2017, I want more




Wanna join in?  Here are some ways you can join us in our little experiment

  1.  Make your own list of things you want more of in 2017 and post on social media or in the comments below.  (We'd love it if you tagged us #goodhangups or linked to this post!)
  2. Print out our In 2017, I want more printable and make your own.  
    (Shameless plug:  GoodHangups would be a great way to hang these next to your mirror in the bathroom so you keep them in your mind throught the year)
  3. Write up your own list in an email and email it to or and this awesome service will send you back your list every month or every week to remind you to keep these intentions in your mind!
  4. Simply talk more about what you want more of in 2017 like you would a New Years Resolution and see what happens.

We are giving away a 100 pack of our GoodHangups to one lucky person who does one or more of the following:

  • Comment on one of our posts about What I want More of in 2017
  • Comment on this post below
  • Post your own list on social media and tag us #goodhangups or #goodhangups2017 or #morein2017
  • Email us your list or a photo of your printable to

Winner will be announced on January 5th.